Clearly we all wish that this pandemic was over – it has been a horrible experience for nearly all engaged couples and wedding vendors at a time when everyone should just be able to celebrate! This too shall pass but what to do in the interim? It can be stressful enough planning a wedding on a “normal” year but how to navigate all the new twists and turns. The solution (well there isn’t just one solution) could rely in forcing yourself to stay centered and do what we like to do:


What that means is that hard as it may seem to be, you can either fight gravity and have a much harder time, or ride the wave and potentially experience things that you never knew were possible.

SO, we would recommend taking a pragmatic approach to your wedding planning, employ trusted and referred professionals and then adjust where needed. What will be will be and none of it is worth it in the end if it doesn’t feel right. Center yourself every morning – have gratitude, and treat others with kindness and respect. We will get through this!

Most importantly, don’t give up – your wedding day will come and no matter how it unfolds it will be the beginning of an amazing journey. We are all much stronger than we think – YOU GOT THIS!