They call me Bruce (no, not the Martial Arts star – though I do throw down a mean karate chop when a server gets in my way at a reception). I’m the owner and principle filmmaker at Cloud Nine.

Nice to meet you!

I began Cloud Nine in 2002 with a purpose – to give couples’ something more meaningful and of higher quality than what was available at the time. We started with a handful of films that year and then quickly accelerated to a pace where we were doing about 25 films/year until our peak in 2011 when we filmed 32 weddings – that was too many.

Since 2011 we have re-structured as a boutique wedding film studio where we can focus less on the number of weddings, and more on really engaging (pun intended) with our couples to get to know them – and then create the very best film possible for them. Bottom line? We are not a “factory” wedding film company”. We listen, we craft, we present you with an heirloom keepsake.

We have been fortunate enough to film all over the World from North America, to Hawaii, Mexico, The Philippines, Mauritius (off the coast of Madagascar – look it up, it’s so cool), and even England + Ireland. Still remaining on the bucket list? Filming a wedding reception in Red Square in Moscow (call me).

We are diligent, professional, creative (hence the name) and most of all, re-assuring. I have a degree in Psychology and am a former elementary school teacher, so I like to think that wedding films are a great way to apply this background. I’m not only leading the film, but I’m also there to make you feel relaxed so that you can enjoy the day and ultimately the film later.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly so that we can discuss your wedding – I’m an open book. I can be reached at 321.444.3371 (call or even FaceTime!) or by email at

Time to start planning that wedding and capturing it with an amazing film. We are here for you when you’re ready 🙂

Pictured at the 2020 WedLuxe Show