BRUCE!!!!! WOW!!!!! We LOVED the video!! It was absolutely gorgeous!! You did an incredible, fabulous job! We are so pleased. You obviously put tremendous amount of work into creating this video from start to finish – and it showed. All of the shots were beautiful and well thought out, and you really captured a lot of sentimental moments that we did not realize were filmed. The music you selected matched perfectly and we loved the outtakes section! The footage was edited together so well, it was like watching a movie! Overall, just a fantastic, professional job. Thank you for all your efforts to provide us with such a amazing keepsake. We are so excited to share this with all our friends and family and to have this incredible memory to look back on for the years to come!”
~ Lisa & Matt Lewis

Hi Bruce!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! We are totally in love with the wedding dvd. The final product has surpassed our expectations. We had a small family viewing and everyone was in love with your work. We coudn’t have asked for anything better. We will watch it every year on our anniversary. The packaging that it arrived in was absolutely adorable and the treats inside were so thoughtful. If anybody reads on your site and thinks that it takes too long to receive the finished product, they should know that it is sooooo worth the wait. Everything about it was fantastic. This was the best money spent for a lifetime of memories. We so appreciate you both being a part of our day. I feel so lucky to have found your site when i did. Maybe we’ll get another dvd when we renew our vows at the ten year mark. how does hawaii sound??”
~ Lisa + Sara

Hi Bruce,
I’ve been meaning to email all last week. Thanks so much for the video. It looks awesome! Jeff and I love it, my parents love it…and so does everyone else who’s seen the video so far (His parents haven’t seen it yet). My dad has been inviting everyone over to watch it – No joke! And he just can’t get enough of his speech! Thanks again for doing a wonderful job. It was definitely worth the wait!!! Hope you had a nice weekend!
~ Melissa & Jeffrey

Thank you both so very much for our incredible wedding DVD! What an amazing keepsake to have from our special day! By far this was our best wedding investment. Having our memories and photos is one thing but to have all those special moments captured in such vivid colour, put to music and melded into a film we can watch over and over again reliving our day…well nothing short of the day itself can compare to that! To say we are absolutely thrilled with your work would be an understatement! And you were so unobtrusive with the cameras. We can’t believe the shots you managed to get. Shots we weren’t even aware you were getting until we see them played back. Having the pleasure of your company at the wedding was also a bonus. You are amazing, talented people and were simply a joy to be around. In our opinion you outdid yourselves with our DVD and you far surpassed our greatest expectations! From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you!

Take care, thanks again and good luck with your upcoming wedding season!
~ Brian and Kim Larson

I am really pleased with the video and everyone that has seen it thinks it is wonderful. Once it was over they wanted more. Everyone enjoyed the out-takes. We were all laughing so hard. I am so happy that we decided on getting a videographer for the wedding. I know it was an extra expense but it was well worth it. We got to see a lot of things that happened that we were too busy to see. My mom has watched the video at least 20 times already and every time she watches it she cries. I will be taking the video to Alberta where my aunts and uncles will be able to watch it. I cannot wait to see their reaction. Thank you so much again for everything!
~ Michelle & Chuck Flyman

Faraz and I are absolutely thrilled about our video. We watched it last night after getting home from Bryan Adams and we just LOVED it. You captured our perfect day to a tee and we can’t thank you enough.
~ Allison and Faraz Gharbi

We just wanted to sincerely thank you for doing such an amazing job on our video. What an absolute treasure! And to be able to share it with our kiwi family in New Zealand was priceless! Thank you so much for making that happen! The video is absolutely perfectly amazing. You are truly gifted in not only capturing the magic of every moment, but being able to present it with a perfect balance of not up-staging our actual memories but not letting us forget every meaningful detail either. Sounds like we might get to see you again next summer in Park City, Utah for our friends’ wedding. Anyway, I seriously don’t feel like I could ever thank you enough for our video and the trailer for its beauty and grace.
All our best and deepest gratitude,
~ Casey and Richard Massey, Denver, Colorado

We are really, really, really glad that we hired you guys. What an excellent fabulous and wonderful wedding video!!!!!!
Everything is perfect and it was more than I expected, especially the music. I love it so much! It matches all the scenes that you took. Also, I love the effects that look like 8mm film. It gave the video more of a stylish and antique look. All the scenes are floating really smoothly, sooooo nice…I feel like a star in this video! Everybody looks really good in the video, too. I watched it 2 times last night. I watched the first time with Adam and then the 2nd time with my sisters. They all love it sooooo much!!!!!!! WE WANT SOME MORE…..You know what…that means the video is too good and everybody enjoys it so much. They want more. That’s how successful this video is. We all really, really like the outtakes part. That’s really funny, especially Adam.
Excellent job!!!!!!! Thank you soooooooo much again!!
~ Sally & Adam

We wanted you to know that we love the video!! I especially like the black and white one! We will be playing the video at our banquet in Taiwan. I’m sure everyone would love and enjoy it!-
~ Helen & James

I have just finished viewing Natalie & James’ wedding video for the first of many times. It is truly awesome, more than I had expected. After their wedding I said that I had only one regret of the day, the day went by too quickly, I wished I could press “replay” and do it over again. THank you for making my wish come true, I can now play “replay” any time. I wish you all the very best for the future, may all your hopes and dreams come true. Many thanks again for your hours of hard work.
~ Linda Aiken (Mother of the Bride)

We have watched it over and over since we got it, sharing it with our parents. We absolutely love it and are so thrilled we can relive the emotions of the day from now until forever. We absolutely love everything about all of it! Thank you so much for creating a family heirloom that will be enjoyed for many, many years to come!
~ Amanda Jennings-Clarke

Fantastic job on the video! Definitely exceeded any expectations I had. Everyone who has seen it is very impressed. Thanks for being such a great team and doing such a terrific job.
~ Cable Clarke

I know that Mike has already told you that we really loved our DVD, but I also wanted to tell you how touched I was by it. Your insight and attention to detail captured special moments between Michael and me, and moments throughout the day that we missed out on, and we appreciated that so much. I really can’t tell you how moved I was; I’ve watched the DVD at least 5 times already and it reduces me to tears every time! The music is great (everyone is always soooo surprised to hear The Cure!), the photography is beautiful, and the editing is seamless. It’s going to be a memento that we can enjoy for years to come; definitely my favourite keepsake from my wedding! Thank you for your professionalism, and thank you so much for all your help and advice. I would (and will) recommend you to anyone I know who needs a videographer!
~ Mélanie Chittenden

We are absolutely delighted with our DVD! I think I’ve probably watched the movie 5 times this week already. YOu’d think that I would actually be sick of seeing myself by now – but nope, I think I’ll watch it again this weekend!!! 🙂 At first I was wonderfully overwhelmed by it and had a hard time finding the right words to describe how I felt (which happens so infrequently for me!). But now that I have watched it 5 times, I have many, many words and have been telling everybody about how moving the movie was. Everything in the movie is so perfect and I love how you captured the essence of people and how their personalities show through. I can’t imagine the hours of editing that must have gone into dinding each of these perfect moments and blending them together to create such a treasure. The music fits perfectly and when I hear those songs on the radio it warms my heart because I am reminded of the video. Thank you again so much for being so wonderful to work with and for providing us with something that will be a part of our memories for years to come.
~ Natalie Branco

Hi Bruce –
I wanted to just drop you a quick note, because I believe we’ve been remiss in not doing so already. We LOVE our wedding movie! You did such a wonderful job capturing all of the moments that flew by or were missed on the actual day. We’re so thankful that we are able to have this keepsake from our wedding day, and no one could have done it better.
~ Alexis & Tom Raciatti

“Hey Bruce, Nothing but accolades on the wedding trailer! Even from the finicky artists at my work.”
~ Deanna

Hi Bruce, Oh my goodness – our movie is so awesome!!! We’ve been watching our video ummmm … a LOT. The covers are awesome! The movie is the perfect blend of sentimental and fun. Thanks a lot for the hard work. Everyone is going to get awesome Christmas presents this year! I’m pretty sure we’ll be ordering some extra copies of the movie. Man – our place is still a revolving door of people wanting to come over and see our movie!”
~ Deanna & Andre

Hi! It’s me, Hatsumi from Japan! How are you? I would like to thank you so much for your wonderful work with the movie for Michi and Tatsuhiro’s wedding! The film was GRRREAT!! The DVD played very well on the big screen at the wedding reception. 160 people enjoyed watching the movie. You captured lots of great moments, and the scenery was also wonderful. The audience really enjoyed to watch the Canadian wedding in Vancouver. Lots of people gave us many great compliments for the movie. The film surely made the reception a very special one. Michi and Tatsuhiro are very happy with your professional work and so are my parents! They thank you very much for your hard work. Robert and I would also like to thank you for your countless hours of hard work and also your personal delivery service to meet our “crazy” deadline! Thank you for having been so understanding and so helpful. We really appreciate your personal and professional work! We could not have made the wedding happen in this special way if we didn’t have your help and talent. We are so grateful that we found you!!!
Best regards,
~ Robert and Hatsumi Ouellette

You guys are the BEST! Our video is more than we hoped for. It is so moving, funny and perfect!!! I told Edwin I thought it was the best decision we made to hire you guys. Saying THANKS to you seems so trivial…you deserve huge kudos. I just can’t tell you how THRILLED we are. The music is perfect too! THANK YOU!!! All the best!
~ Bryn and Edwin Sealy

We are sooooo happy with our wedding movie! It is really great! You did a fantastic job on it and we’re really grateful. It flows really well and the music is great. It was so wonderful to relive our day, to have the opportunity to share with family and friends (some who were not able to attend) and to have it for years to come, tho show our kids and their kids.
~ Mandy and Chuck Anderson

We are still so thrilled with our video, I just can’t get enough of it. You really did capture every moment. It was our best investment in our wedding. I have recommended you to everyone I know.
~ Shannon and Chris MacDonald

We can’t wait to have our families and the wedding party over to have “THE PREMIERE” of “THE SHOW”! There has been so much excitement from everyone, you’d think they’ve been nominated for the Academy Awards or something! Thank you again – we absolutely LOVE our DVD!!! Derek & I will definitely keep in touch!
~ Diana & Derek Pengelly

Your work for Cable and Amanda’s wedding was nothing less than awesome. I was so blown away by the clarity of your vision in storytelling as well as it’s transition to stills by Reine.
~ Captain Chad Allenbaugh, Guest at Jennings/Clarke wedding

Randy & I cannot THANK YOU enough for how fantastic & fabulous the video turned out. We tried several times to imagine how this video was going to turn out and we never imagined it was going to be this GREAT! You captured every piece of that special day for us! There are so many words we would like to express to you about it and frankly we could only come up with one combined word…FANTABULOUS!!! We absolutely LOVE IT!!
~ Ximena & Randy Webb

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful job you did on the video montage for my husband. We all had a great time at the party and the video was a big hit! I also wanted to mention that I thought the packaging of the DVD was amazing! You are very nice people. I gave your cards out to quite a few people at their request. They have 40th birthdays coming up and are considering doing the same. Thank you again.
~ Julie Dinsdale

We just realized that we never got back to you to let you know how great the photo montage was. You did a fabulous job. Thank you. Jim’s parents (and the rest of the family) were absolutely thrilled and we had a super party. Thanks again, and maybe we will see you at Sara’s wedding.
~ Jim & Adrienne Muller

I am an aspiring videographer and I happened on your site as I was browsing through the large list of Canadian wedding videographers. I have to say that I was simply stunned by the demo videos – gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I’ve been looking through lots of these lately, and lots of other videographers are using filters, masks, and the like to make an impression on the viewer – from what I’ve seen in the first demo I’m watching you use just plain old great videography to make an impression – perfect exposures with colour exploding out of my monitor! I completely understand that this is a result of your experience and training, but would you mind sharing your choice in equipment? Any cranes? Any advice for the budding videographer?
My thanks for your time – have a great day!!
~ Chris

What an incredible Valentine’s Day surprise! I sat down to a romantic dinner with Rob last night and pressed play on the DVD player expecting to see Will Smith on the screen. Instead, we watched (and cried through) the most amazing video of our wedding. Unbelievable! You certainly far surpassed our expectations. You captured the very essence of the day, including all of the emotion and the detail. But even more than that, we so enjoyed having you along to experience it all with us. Thank you so much for everything! Please stay in touch and let us know if you ever need a reference.
All the best,
~ Jennifer & Robert Lewis

You did a GREAT JOB!!! The outtakes were hilarious. We have had Dee’s parents see it and they thought it was very good. All of us kept making comments about how you got excellent angles and got some very important details. Also how we kept saying “I didn’t know they were filming” when you actually were. I haven’t gone through all the raw footage…I’ve got to keep a surprise for later. JUST AN AWESOME VIDEO!!!! IT WAS BETTER THAN I EXPECTED!!
~ Andrea & Amen Sharma

Just wanting to drop a note to say thank you for the wonderful job on the video montage. We celebrated Mike’s birthday May 6th, and everyone loved the work you did. Mike was very emotional while viewing it, and later mentioned that it was a great gift. I thank you once again and can’t wait to meet with you next year and have you prepare our 25th anniversary montage! I wish you all the best!
~ Barb Di Giovanni

Thanks so much for this! It’s been a little crazy for us the last few weeks so we haven’t had the time to get in touch with you. What we really wanted to do was to drop by the office to say hi and to let you know how much we absolutely loved the DVD! We actually wanted to call you the night we watched it but we didn’t want to disturb you especially it being a weekend and knowing how hard you have been working. We were soooooo happy with the video and saying thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough. The time and thought you put into our video is evident through the quality of your work. It was perfect. Thank you for prividing us with a keepsake that will allow us to relive the emotions of that day. The ironic thing is that throughout our wedding planning, investing in a wedding video wasn’t even on our list. We thought photos would be enough but through persuasion of family we decided to go for it anyway. After meeting you and seeing your work for the first time, Elton and I were convinced that we made a good decision. Well, you exceeded our expectations and we’ll definitely be recommending you to everyone who asks – even those who don’t!
With best wishes,
~ Nali & Elton Wong

We love it! The blooper’s are very cute. I’m sorry for not getting back to you sooner, but by the time we watched all 3 DVD’s we thought it might be too late to call. We can’t wait to show it to everyone! Thank you so much! 🙂
~ Shalina & Colin Lawrence

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