Hiring the Resort Videographer

The resort videographer may be a good choice for some clients, however there are some things to keep-in-mind when you go this route vs hiring a professional videographer (we prefer the term “filmmaker”, of course!).  These same tips still hold true for non-destination weddings however they become particularly important when you’re planning a wedding far from home.  With any wedding film, the key takeaways are not only the imagery and sound of the bride and groom but also the imagery/movement/sound of their guests and family members.  We have been contacted by some of our clients years after the event to provide additional footage of moments like a father walking his daughter down the aisle, or their grandma dancing on the dance floor.  These moments aren’t the same with photography and are really important to have to document your family and life events, particularly if that family member has passed.

When you’re at a resort and decide to go with the videographer who comes with the package, it’s quite possible that they may not have the same level of attention to detail in capturing the above events.  They do after all, document likely numerous weddings each day.  They also will most certainly not have the information that a professional filmmaker would want to know in order to properly properly tell the story of the couple.  After all, documenting a wedding day is one thing, but properly telling the story of the day is quite different!

So when the printed package comes in the mail or you are reading about what’s included on the resort’s website, give some thought to bringing along a professional videographer with your photographer and planner – the moments of the big day are much too priceless to trust it to someone who is just trying to document what happened instead of why and how it happened.

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