The Film Ending is As Important as the Beginning

Combined with our signature floating shots and pristine footage, this is how you craft a one-of-a-kind custom wedding film. When our films are created we take special care in how they’re assembled so that there are faster parts, slower and more emotional parts, some funny parts, and some unexpected parts. It’s how our films create this sense of journey that will not only make you want to share your film, but ultimately make the whole experience much more memorable for you!
In creating our films of course the beginning is important because it sets the tone, but the ENDING is also just as important because it’s the last thought you have when you’re watching it and it will last with you more than the rest of the film.  So we like to end our films strongly. Below is the ending of Erin + Robert’s film which bookends their emotional journey both pre-wedding and during their wedding.  In this case, the “ending” really is…the beginning.

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